Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

10 Ways to Style Your Button-Up Shirt

Button-up shirts are an unavoidable piece of clothing item in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Recently, women’s shirts are getting popular again, and the creative people on Instagram have come up with various ways in which one can wear button-up shirts.

Whether it is a casual outing, a date or a formal function, a button-up shirt can be modified and accessorised to look appropriate for that occasion. And, if you think the button-up shirts are just for formal and semi-formal events, then you haven’t understood the full potential of this piece of clothing. Check out famoid instagram follower service here.

The button-up shirts, especially for women, can be worn in many different ways for different occasions, as there is no limit to creativity.

So, if you are wondering how many ways a girl can wear a button-up shirt, read the rest of the article.

1. Make It a Shirt dress

If your shirt is long enough to call it a dress, you can easily pull off the modern look with a cardigan. Combine it with a pair of knee-length socks and ankle boots. Also, you can wear leggings, and it is undoubtedly a unique look that many are yet to try.

2. Open the Buttons

Put the shirt over a T-shirt and don’t button up. Yes, that is a look similar to wearing a cardigan. Pair it up with skinny jeans and Chuck or UGG boots to give it a fresh look, and it is perfect for a night out with your friends.

3. Just a Slim-Fit Jean

You can go for a simple but chic look by combining a white button-up tucked in a cuffed slim-fit dark denim jeans. You can also accessorise it with big earrings and a handbag(leather).

4. Pair It With a Mini-Skirt

A light coloured shirt tucked in a high-rise flared mini-skirt is the best combination for a semi-formal meeting or a coffee date.

5. Tank Top and a Sweater

If the pandemic has made you lazy and you’ve gained some weight, you should try this style. Wearing a tank between your shirt and sweater will help you not look slouchy. So, till the gym reopens, you can try this look.

6. A Statement Scarf

Wearing a statement scarf over the white button-up is the ultimate fashion statement. Pink or yellow chinos will work great for this look. You can even accessorise the look with a leather watch, armlet, and sneakers to elevate the mood.

7. The Tomboy Inspired Look

You can wear a white button-down under a sweater and style it with black leggings. Swede oxford/derby shoes will be a perfect match for this look. Along with this, wear a hat, and it will match the look perfectly.

8. Friday Work – Appropriate

A blazer over the white button-up and dark denim jeans is an awesome multi-purpose attire. The look is appropriate for your office. And after the office, when you enter the club, remove the blazer, and you are ready to rock.

9. Cropped Sweater

A cropped warm sweater over the button-up shirt will be a cool look. A black handbag and dark denim will add beauty to the overall look.

10. A Sporty Look

A light blue basketball cap styled with an untucked white shirt is nice for a morning event. A black leather legging and cool lace-up trainers will complete the look.

You can try many more styles with your shirt, as the style and way of wearing women’s shirts are changing. But always remember to wear clothes with style and be awesome; more than accessories and props, you need the confidence to pull it off with style. Check out trending bodybuilding blogs on twitter