Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

5 Brilliant Tips to Keep Engagement Rings Looking Shiny and New 

A sparkly diamond ring can be one of the most treasured gifts you will ever receive, especially if it comes from your significant other. Aside from their sentimental value, engagement rings also cost a fortune. So it is only common that you would exert more effort to keep it looking as brilliant and shiny as the time of the proposal.

While you can invest in a high-quality jewellery cleaning solution to clean the ring by yourself, you must also take other steps to help it look great longer. Here are some clever tips to keep in mind when taking care of engagement rings.

Tip #1: Avoid Removing the Ring in Public

While washing the hands regularly has become a norm in public for health and sanitary reasons, it is necessary to resist the urge to take off the ring while in public restrooms.

There will be a very huge possibility that you may forget about your ring on the edge of the sink. Worse, you may accidentally drop the jewellery down the drain. So keep the ring on your hand even while lathering it with soap.

Tip #2: Invest in Jewellery Insurance

Like all valuable items, insuring your engagement ring could be a good idea. However, while you can include it in your home and contents insurance policies, it will only offer limited coverage for the jewellery in case it got stolen or lost. So it is ideal if you will get special insurance specifically for your ring to cover its actual value.

The standalone jewellery insurance is made to protect the jewellery against theft, damage, and loss. You must consult your insurance provider to know which coverage suits your ring.

Tip #3: Schedule Regular Ring Cleaning

It is usually common for women to wear their engagement rings every day after getting engaged. But daily wearing can cause oils and dirt to build up, especially on the surface of the precious stone. So if you want your diamond to shine its brightest, you need to ensure that it will remain clean all the time.

Cleaning your ring at home only requires simple steps. You can drop it in a cup of warm water combined with several drops of mild dishwashing liquid or soap. Let it sit for several minutes up to overnight, then scrub the stone gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You must rinse the ring properly and pat it dry.

Tip #4: Have a Designated Spot At Home

While you may have plenty of jewellery pieces in your drawer, you must always have a designated area where you can put them each time you take them off. It should have a special drawer in your jewellery box or a small dish on your bedside table.

You may also get those cute ring holders you may find in accessories shops to have a specific place for your precious ring.

Tip #5: Know When to Put it On or Take it Off

Particular activities can put your ring at higher risks. For example, sailing or other water activities may loosen the ring from your finger and cause it to fall in the water. Meanwhile, outdoor chores like gardening may cause more dirt from seeping through the crevices of the ring.

If you need to do these activities, it would be best to leave the ring at home. It will help save you from a lot of stress since it will significantly reduce the risk of damaging or losing the ring.

Aside from these tips, it is also an ideal move to take your ring to a professional jewellery cleaning service provider. The experts can help you maintain the integrity and shine of the ring so you can appreciate its beauty and value for a very long time.

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