Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

5 Things You Must Do in Batam

Batam is one of the islands in the Riau Archipelago Province, located near Singapore. Therefore, Batam is an option for a vacation route to Singapore, especially for those who use ships.

However, Batam also has the charm that makes it worthy of being a vacation destination that is no less exciting than Singapore. There are many activities that you can do while on vacation to Batam. Check these out!

  1. Seafood culinary tour

With its marine wealth, it’s no wonder that seafood culinary in Batam is also one of the prominent attractions. A vacation to Batam would not be complete without tasting the delicious fresh seafood. Starting from crabs, a variety of marine fish, to lobster you can find during a culinary tour in Batam. Among all the seafood that can find in Batam, what you must try is Gong Gong, a type of sea snail.

Some recommendations for places to eat in Batam that you can visit to taste culinary delights in Batam include Sei Enam Seafood, famous for its crab dishes, Rezeki Seafood Restaurant, and Harbor Bay Seafood.

  1. Have fun with various rides & water sports

The next thing you can do in Batam is enjoying water recreation rides and water sports or other extreme activities. Batam does have rich marine tourism. From just a Banana Boat to parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding, you can do while on vacation to Batam.

If you want a more relaxed activity, you can also try exploring the beauty of the beaches and waters in Batam by paddling a canoe. Anyway, on vacation to Batam you don’t need to be afraid of being bored and running out of activities because there are lots of exciting activities that you can do in Batam.

  1. Hunting for the beauty of the underwater world

Not only fun on the surface, but you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in the waters around Batam. For those of you who like snorkeling and diving, there are many diving and snorkeling spots in Batam that you can visit, such as Abang Island, Petung Island, Ghost Island, to Labun Island. The waters around these dive points are still very natural and clear, so you can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater panorama very clearly.

  1. Enjoy a relaxing moment at the beach

Another place to enjoy the sunset in Batam besides the Barelang Bridge is on the beaches. One of the beaches in Batam, which is known for its beautiful sunset views, is Nongsa Beach. Nongsa Beach itself is one of the popular tourist destinations in Batam and already has many facilities for pampering yourself, such as spas and restaurants around the beach.

Relaxing on the beach is indeed one of the activities you can do in Batam. Besides Nongsa Beach, Malay Beaches, Setokok Beaches, Melur Beaches, Marina Beaches, and various other beaches.

  1. Go on a shopping trip to Batam

One other activity you can do in Batam is shopping. Who would have thought that it turns out that shopping tourism destinations in Batam offer products that are pretty complete? Yes, the things you can find in Batam are pretty complete, from gadgets, fashion to accessories, and other knick-knacks.

One of the shopping destinations that you can visit in Batam is Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, the largest shopping center in Batam. However, if you want to find a cheaper shopping destination, BSC Mall can be an alternative shopping destination in Batam for you.

There are so many activities that can fulfill your itinerary during your vacation to Batam. In addition to these various things, Batam is also equipped with various facilities that support your holiday needs—starting So, are from hotels, villas, and resorts that can be accommodation options to spas to pamper yourself after tired of enjoying tourism in Batam.

With these various activities, it turns out that a vacation to Batam can be an alternative that is no less exciting than a vacation abroad, right? Are you ready to start your adventure exploring Batam? Before you plan a trip to Batam, be sure to read more about Batam and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.