Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Gaming Setup

Owing to the recent success of many of these gamers, people have begun to pay more attention to such streamers and are getting into gaming themselves. If not already inspired by games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. Among Us has done the job. For any gamer, their gaming setup is probably the most important aspect. From a comfortable chair to a well-functioning headset and mic, there are quite a few things one needs to invest in. Most of these can be found at any computer store.

During the height of the pandemic, the popular multiplayer social deduction game ‘Among Us’ became enormously popular. This saw a rise in popularity of online gamers, with many of these streamers gaining thousands of followers overnight. Now popular Canadian streamer xQc gained a reported 2.85 million followers following his success at Among Us. Corpse Husband is another famous YouTuber and artist whose fame and influence are mostly attributed to his genius skill at Among Us. This popular game has also made big names out of smaller Twitch streamers such as Sykkuno, 5up, StevenSuptic, xChocobars, Plushies, etc. 

Take a look at some of the essentials that should be at the top of any budding gamers list. 

A gaming chair 

Sitting for long hours on a chair that doesn’t offer all the support the back and neck need can greatly impact one’s health. The wrong chair can ruin your posture and cause a host of aches and pains. Thus, it is imperative to invest in a comfortable gaming chair that provides a gamer with all the physical support required. 

If you have a specific theme/ aesthetic in mind while setting up your gaming corner, chairs can make or break a gaming aesthetic. Fortunately, they are available in a range of popular colours, so choosing the right chair gets easier. 

A mouse + mousepad 

Mouses are essential to gamers with numerous options to choose from. Wireless, silent, etc., the choice depends on the cost and functionality that the gamer is looking for. 

Mousepads may seem outdated but have such a significant impact on the performance of an online gamer. They heavily influence how smoothly and quickly a mouse moves across a surface. Another great advantage is that big mousepads, specifically, can also be used for decorative purposes. Available in a range of colours and designs, mouse pads can be customised as well. 

In addition, many big Twitch streamers such as Pokimane sell branded merch, including mousepads, so this could also be a unique way to support and represent your favourite streamers. 

Both mouses and mouse pads can be found in a computer store. 

Blue light glasses

These glasses are slowly gaining traction within the gaming community, and anyone who uses/ looks at screens a lot. Blue light glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful radiation from screens. This proves to be an extremely crucial investment to gamers as their screen exposure daily is disproportionately higher than non-gamers. 

These were just a few suggestions for a budding gamer. Still, as one progresses in terms of experience and seriousness, many more accessories could elevate a gaming setup available in almost all computer stores. Some are functional, while others serve decorative purposes, such as LED lights, plush pillows, colour coordinated keyboards, headsets, etc. 

For inspiration, Pinterest has numerous suggestions, as the gaming aesthetic isn’t just for gamers but is often quite attractive to have as a lock screen. Ultimately, said accessories all play important roles in making a gaming environment inviting, inspiring, safe, and comfortable without compromising functionality.