Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals and Stay Healthy With Comprehensive Wellness Services in VA

The current home-to-office lifestyle has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. People rarely get to exercise their bodies due to current technological innovations that have made most tasks easier. However, this has resulted in an increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Fortunately, if you want to achieve your weight loss goals and stay healthy, at Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Rohit Suri can help. They offer comprehensive Ashburn wellness services to ensure you restore your health, achieve your body goals, and prevent diseases. For more consultation, call or book an appointment online.

What Are the Benefits of a Wellness Program?

The wellness program at Nova Physician Wellness Center effectively restores your optimal health regardless of your age, health history, or weight. Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary evaluate every patient personally to establish nutritional, medical, and workout therapies effective for your wellness and physique goals. This program is helpful in several ways, including:

  • Disease prevention and management.
  • Weight loss or weight management.
  • Working out for your exceptional physiology.
  • Healthy eating habits to maintain long-term health.
  • Going through emotional, mental,  or social problems to achieve wellness.

The Nova Physician Wellness Center team utilizes a holistic approach to your health and well-being to effectively manage factors such as nutrition, behavioral change, weight loss, chronic disease, and more.

What Is Consisted in the Wellness Program?

Depending on your health needs, your individualized wellness program might include different services. These include:

  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Before recommending a personalized program, Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary evaluate your medical, lifestyle, and behavioral factors to comprehensively understand your health status. The evaluation might also involve a full physical assessment.

  • Laboratory Work

The wellness program may also require you to get standard laboratory tests. This might include, thyroid profile, blood count, lipid panel, and comprehensive metabolic panel.

  • Electrocardiogram

Also known as EKG, an electrocardiogram may also be essential depending on your medical examination. The test assesses your cardio or heart health.

  • Exercise and Diet

Diet and exercise form a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The specialists customize an exercise and diet program to help you achieve your goals. These include both whole foods, supplements, and meal replacement options.

  • Lifestyle and Behavioral Counseling

Emotional and psychological factors play a significant part in weight loss and management. With this program, you will be offered counseling to promote the achievement of your health goals.

What Results Can You Expect From the Wellness Program?

It can take a bit of time to achieve total body wellness. However, with the expert guidance of board-certified specialists, you will be able to regain optimal weight and restore your health. After undertaking the wellness program, you should expect increased vitality, enhanced mood, and more energy and weight loss.

To sum up, don’t struggle to lose weight or maintain good health any longer. The customized wellness programs at Nova Physician Wellness Center will effectively help you achieve your weight loss and health goals while preventing diseases. For more information, call or schedule an online appointment today.