Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Benefits of IV Hydration for Hangover

Have you spent a night out drinking? If so, you probably had an unbearable hangover the next morning. Because hangovers result from dehydration, a lot of people drink lots of water after a night out of drinking or when they wake up in the morning. Although drinking a great amount of water will help in rehydrating and replenishing your body, IV hydration is the most effective way to rid a hangover. Below are the awesome benefits of IV hydration in hangover hospital:

Rehydrate the Body Faster than Drinking Water

Even if you consume water and feel relieved soon after, water won’t completely remedy your hangover. Indeed, if you consume water after drinking lots of alcohol, you are only hydrating the tissues inside your mouth, throat, and tongue. The water you consume is absorbed in your lower gastrointestinal tract, particularly in the large intestine. Thus, it can take up many hours before your body benefits from the rehydrating effects of water. On the other hand, if IV fluids are hooked up to your body, you will feel rehydrated right away because of the fluids go directly into your bloodstream.

Fuel the Body with Electrolytes

If the body is dehydrated, it needs more than just water to recover quickly from a hangover. IV hydration can provide your body with the electrolytes and nutrients it needs to replace water and minerals like potassium, calcium, and sodium. 

Help with Nausea

A hangover can make you deal with feelings of nausea. Also, it can make it very hard to keep food and water down. If your body begins to reject the water you are consuming, you must stop by a good hangover hospital for IV hydration. IV hydration fluids will be given to you intravenously which means bypassing your digestive system and won’t make you nauseous. 

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