Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Destination Wedding Tips


A good pair of wedding dresses on the wedding day is important, for a destination wedding or any other type of wedding. The bride and groom have to dress up well. Their attire should match. One common mistake that people make is picking up the wrong pair of shoes. Selecting the right pair of bridal shoes is very important. The footwear should complement the dress in all aspects. A few of them do not focus on the pair of shoes that they are wearing by assuming that people may not pay attention to it or does not affect the overall look. Footwear should match the dress code. Then only the bride and groom will look on their wedding day. 

Choosing a destination

A destination wedding is all about selecting the right place for the wedding. While deciding the destination, the individual will have to make sure that all the essentials or resources are available at the wedding scene. There should be a couple of hotels so that they can provide accommodation to all their guests. They will even have to cross-check with the local staff regarding any travel restrictions, political issues or any problem at the destination. By chance, if there are any problems and the individual remains undeterred, then it is his or her responsibility to inform all the guests as a few of them may not be comfortable with it. 

Hire a wedding planner

Having a wedding planner who is specialised in a destination wedding is always good. As the bride and groom are new to the destination, they may not know where to find the resources, and it will be a complicated task for them to make calls and execute the plans. There can be a communication barrier. A wedding planner can reduce unexpected wedding expenses. 

Plan additional events

To add joy and fun to the wedding, people can add up some fun-filled activities. A wedding planner will add up more engaging activities so that the guests do not get bored and keep them active. A welcome party is compulsory. Organise it to greet your guests. Try to make it as interactive as feasible. A wedding planner will suggest to the couple a lot of ideas for a welcome party and work on behalf of the couple and make it easy. 

Secure passports and all the necessary documents

In case the destination wedding is taking place in a foreign country, then make sure to acquire a valid international travel passport. With the travel passport, do not fail to get the driver’s license which the couple may require for domestic travel. Make sure all the documents are valid and have a look at the expiration date. Every country will have different rules and regulations. Depending on the nation, the requirements will change, such as health records or vaccinations.

Welcome gifts

A couple can offer welcome bags to show some hospitality once they arrive. A wedding planner can suggest a few ideas. Most of the couple’s gifts are customised carry bags, snacks, and water bottles. A few wedding destinations that take place in warm destinations end up giving sunscreen or aloe vera gels as gifts.    

The above-mentioned are a few points to consider while during a destination wedding. The common mistake that people make is a bad dressing choice. A couple needs to match their dress colour. A bride needs to make sure that her bridal shoes should match her dress code. A good dress will give a good impression to the guests and people out there.

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