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Different Types of Shipping Methods to Consider for Heavy Machinery Transportation

Heavy machinery shipping needs expertise and caution. It is not simple as sitting behind the wheels and driving like a regular truck or car. There are traffic laws and guidelines to adhere to if wide or heavy equipment is to be shipped. Wide loads are allowed in some zones during specific hours therefore you may need alternate route planning. Using a normal truck to transport heavy machinery cross-country is challenging but it is simple for experienced shipping companies.

The monumental task of shipping huge machinery is being performed smoothly and safely by haulers or shipping companies. Ship A Car, Inc. has a history of 30 years and credibility around the United States. It doesn’t matter if you want to transport agricultural, constructional, or industrial equipment. Give the SAC experts a call. The route will be planned from pickup to safe delivery of the heavy machinery.

What kind of shipping method to consider for heavy machinery shipment?

Container shipping

The standard containers are around 20 to 40 feet, which is not feasible to fit heavy machinery. You may need to disassemble the equipment or machinery, so it fits inside the container. The equipment can be easily transported but the drawback is time and labor spent on disassembling and assembling.

Lift on/off [LoLo]

A crane is used in the LoLo method to lift heavy machinery for loading and unloading. You will need to look for a crane capable to lift and move the load. The crew operating the crane has to be well-trained. This can increase the shipping cost, which otherwise can be avoided if the load can be rolled on.

Roll-on/off [RoRo]

Wheeled heavy machinery is easy to load on any kind of shipping carrier like trailers, ship decks, or containers. It helps to save money and time but the drawback is the wheeled machinery will take plenty of space and other logistical difficulties like stacking is impossible.

Flat rack shipping

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Flat rack containers are compatible with trailers and resolve the stacking issue. There is no roof or side walls, so heavy equipment can be hauled comfortably without constraints of cramped dimensions. The drawback to this method is your heavy machinery is exposed to elements. Nevertheless, you can cover the machinery with a tarp to avoid damage from roadside elements. Tarping or wrapping done by handlers or haulers can add to the shipment cost.

How to determine the cost of heavy machinery shipment?

Multiple variables determine the shipping cost of heavy machinery.

  • Density – Machinery’s size and weight will decide every aspect of shipping needs ranging from method to cost and ease to delivery speed.
  • Urgency – Urgent shipments are costly because the handlers and haulers have to put lots of effort into making delivery possible within a tight agenda.
  • Insurance – The odds of damage because of accidents can multiply with the transportation of machinery irregular in size and shape, so insurance needs serious consideration.
  • Destination – The price increases as the distance between pickup and delivery point increases. There may also be a need for permits and tariffs if the shipment destination is beyond state borders.

Shipping heavy machinery is a complicated task that transport companies accomplish. Therefore, you can take help from professionals to transport the heavy and awkward load safely!