Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

Do You Know How Much You Need to Spend for Installing Laminate Flooring?

While choosing the flooring material, these days you are bombarded with so many different choices and that makes it too hard to decide, which material to select as your flooring material. However, after resolving all your dilemma, if you have finally zeroed in for laminate flooring then the next thing to consider will be the cost of installation.

If you discuss this matter with any flooring contractors then they will offer you an analysis of cost based on the following few factors that you must understand.

While deciding the cost of your project, the size of the project is the most important aspect that any flooring installer is going to consider to decide the price. As most businesses will charge based on a per square meter basis, hence larger installation jobs will naturally cost a little more.

  • Material

Usually, laminate flooring may not be too costly like many other flooring material options, however, the laminate floor tile’s price may vary. Normally, these laminate floor tiles are categorised based on how they are to be installed and the kind of surface where they will be most suitable. 

There are few examples like “click-lock” flooring, pre-glued or glued laminate materials. A few varieties are very easy to install while others may need a little more labour. 

Usually, laminate floorings are made of resin materials that are designed to resemble any real wood. Tiles, which are made of a certain denser material and that have got a high-gloss finish can usually be the most durable and most expensive too.

If you want to reduce the cost of installation, then you must buy the tiles and also hire a tradie for only doing labour jobs.

  • Additional services

Suppose you already have purchased your flooring materials and now you are just searching for any professional installer, then your job could cost you much less. However, on the other hand, if you also need a few additional services then you may have to pay a little more. 

All these extra tasks are jobs like removing your old flooring or carpeting, replacing your old skirting boards, and replacing underlay, etc. While getting quotes from any contractor, ensure that you must know why they are charging you any specific amount. 

The better thing will be you make a very detailed break-up of all the items as per the job to be done so that you can get a better picture about the costing. 

Rates of installation usually depend on your location

The installation rate can vary from country to country and also location to location. Therefore, before you try to know about the installation cost, your flooring companies can give you an idea in terms of price per square meter. So, before you buy the material you may enquire about this rate, and then based on your area, you can find out how much you have to spend for your flooring installation.

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