Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Don’t Make These Mistakes After a DWI Arrest

The days following a DWI arrest can be confusing and scary. Being held in custody while the traffic officer brings the charges against you can be an overwhelming experience. This is particularly possible if you think your BAC was way under the limit and you are not intoxicated while driving your car.  But, if you don’t do anything, you decrease your chances of getting a fair trial. You may even make mistakes without realizing it. Below are the common mistakes that you should not make after a DWI arrest:

Not Hiring an Attorney

Hiring a driving offence lawyer can be tough; however, you must not wait until your trial is to hire one.  Hiding or being inactive in your home after a DWI arrest will not work in your favor. You must work with an attorney who specializes in DWI cases right after your arrest. And when hiring one, you should choose someone local. This way, they know exactly the DWI laws in Vancouver. Plus, they may have handled cases similar to yours before.

Being Behind the Wheels After Licence Suspension

If your driver’s licence has been suspended, this means you should not go behind the wheel while you don’t have it. Otherwise, it can add up to your misdemeanor charges. In fact, it can even lead to jail time.

Taking Your Charges Lightly

DWI in Vancouver is a serious crime. The conviction can go in your criminal record permanently and you will need to pay hefty fines. Also, your licence might be revoked by the court after a conviction.

Failing to Appear in Court

This can happen if you don’t take your case seriously. You need to appear in court; otherwise, you can get arrested. Also, it can void any bail bond. When you are stopped by an officer in the future, you will be required to spend quality time in jail.



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