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Drug Testing In Athletes 

Athletes use drugs to perform better or to heal faster from injuries. In sports, drug abuse is known as doping. Doping refers to the use of medicines or treatments that enhance performance. Using these drugs is cheating. 

The doctors collect their urine samples, blood samples, and saliva to check whether the athlete is taking any drugs. They check for chemicals that are banned or illegal in sports. 

Before a boxing game, some athletes consume alcohol; this makes them less susceptible to pain. Suppose an athlete suffers from a severe injury and needs surgery. After the surgery, the athlete needs to get a personal test done, as, during surgery, the body is loaded with anesthetics and analgesics. To get an individual test after the surgery, athletes can visit the Humble drug testing institutes. 

Substances are banned in sports 

Different sports have a separate list of banned drugs, but the most common medications on every list include:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Cocaine
  3. Alcohol
  4. Amphetamine
  5. Steroids
  6. Human growth hormone

These drug tests are a surprise for the athlete. The anti-doping agency keeps an eye on athletes who have outstanding performances. However, with their hard work and dedication, some athletes become the best, while some abuse drugs to be the best. 

Drug testing benefits in sports

Anyone can abuse drugs, such as over enthusiastic athletes who want to be the best. It can be a 17-year-old boy competing for high school games, an olympian, or any athlete playing a professional sport for their country, like football.

Drugs testing helps: 

  1. Prevent any cheating
  2. Protect athletes, especially young athletes, from drug abuse. Some drugs have dangerous effects and are addictive. 
  3. Help athletes who have drug abuse problems

How is a drug test conducted?

The athlete provides a blood or urine sample; this sample is sent to the lab for testing. If the test result is negative for drugs, the athlete is good to go–but, if the impact is positive, the athlete may be banned or suspended from the sport. This depends upon the type of drug consumed.

How do athletes cheat the test? 

Some athletes who consume drugs and have been tested or are always prepared for a test take up these methods to save their career. 

These methods include: 

  1. Urine replacement: some athletes replace their urine with the urine of someone who has not consumed drugs. 
  2. Use of diuretics: diuretics are substances that double the urine volume. Taking a diuretic before a test increases the clearance rate of the drug from the system. 
  3. Avoid being tested: some athletes avoid the test by making excuses or not being available on the test day. Not appearing for a test three times a year is considered a doping violation.

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