Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Getting Compensation for Lost Wages and Reduced Earning Capacity in Colorado Springs

A serious injury due to an accident can cause devastating physical pain and emotional consequences. And your situation can get worse if your injury has left you unable to earn an income. The injury can put you and your family in a dire situation unless you take swift action to get fair financial compensation. Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers can advocate on your behalf as you deal with the results of other people’s negligence. They are ready to pursue every dollar of compensation you deserve. 

How to Recover Lost Income

If the accident has left you with ongoing disability and recuperation times, you won’t be able to earn a living and support your family. Thus, you must document these losses to pursue compensation. The party who is responsible for the accident and your injuries must reimburse you for wages lost during recovery periods and for the time away from the job because of your medical treatments. 

Establishing the value of lost income is quite straightforward for regular employees of another entity or individual. Your attorney can request documentation from your employer that demonstrates the applicable rate of pay, typical hours and days worked, as well as the total time missed because of the accident and resulting injuries. 

Moreover, accident victims may be able to recover payment for ancillary categories of loss including sales commissions they would have earned, expected bonuses, fringe benefits of different kinds, pension contributions, and pay raises. And if their injury makes it impossible for them to return to their prior line of work, these losses must also be compensated. 

Pursuing Compensation

Serious accidents can lead to injuries that can be severe or life-threatening, affecting the victim’s fortune for years to come. Victims suffer from debilitating physical effects and the financial ramifications that can be crippling. Reputable personal injury lawyers in Colorado Springs think that people harmed by the negligent acts or omissions of others deserve an advocate to fight for their right to compensation for resulting damages such as lost wages and reduced earning capacity. Thus, if you have been injured and want to know more about your options for legal recourse, make sure to give an experienced personal injury attorney a call today. 

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