Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Innovative and Minimally Invasive Treatment for Leg Cramps in Glen Rock, NJ

If your legs often feel achy and painful, you need immediate medical assistance to reclaim your mobility and peaceful nights. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine offers advanced treatment for leg cramps and other related conditions. If you are in Glen Rock, NJ, contact the practice to book an appointment with Dr. Steven Ferrer or Dr. Kevin McElroy for a fully personalized minimally invasive treatment for your leg cramps.

Signs of Leg Cramps

Charly horses/leg cramps are an immediate, painful involuntary contraction of your leg muscles. Leg cramps can affect your feet, calves, and thigh muscles.

On average, a leg cramp may last for nine minutes or less. If untreated, leg cramps can keep you up at night and leave you with pain in your calf and leg muscles, limiting your mobility.

Causes of Leg Cramps

Various conditions cause leg cramps. Causal factors may be severe or relatively mild. In some cases, leg cramps may be a sign of an underlying illness like:

  • Vein disease
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Addison’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Peripheral artery disease

If you have leg cramps, consult a vascular specialist for immediate medical assistance. Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine offers fully customized treatment for your leg cramps.

At times, Leg cramps may be a sign of vein disease, even in the absence of spider and varicose veins.

Relationship Between Leg Cramps and Varicose Veins

Some signs indicate that your leg cramps may indicate that you are fighting varicose veins. Such signs include:

  • Frequently itchy and swollen lower legs
  • Leg veins that appear rope-like and bulbous
  • If you have common risk factors of varicose veins (being overweight, pregnant, or obese)

Varicose veins usually occur due to complications in the valves in charge of normal blood flow through your veins. If unchecked, varicose veins may cause aching, cramping, and a feeling of heaviness in the affected legs.

Treatment for Leg Cramps

Your provider at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine considers your symptoms and health history to determine the most effective treatment. Your treatment plan may include radiofrequency ablation, which has advantages like:

ü  No significant downtime

ü  Need for no anesthesia

ü  Little or zero discomforts through the procedure

You can visit the practice for on-site radiofrequency ablation. Your provider injects a tiny tube into the affected vein during the procedure and heats it using an electrical current from radio wave frequencies. The heat scars your vein, prompting it to collapse and reroute blood to the healthy veins around.

Radiofrequency alleviates your pain and leg cramps to ensure that blood doesn’t get stuck in your affected veins. Improving your venous appearance and circulation ensures that you live healthier and free of complications.

Other Services Offered at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine

The practice also specializes in:

Ø  Pain management

Ø  Hip pain

Ø  Spider veins

Ø  Varicose veins

Ø  Cortisone injections

Ø  Fluid flow regenerative therapy

Ø  Knee pain

Ø  Neck pain

Ø  Low back pain

Ø  Shoulder pain

Ø  Herniated disc

Ø  Neuropathy

Ø  Sports medicine

Ø  Regenerative medicine

Ø  Epidural injections

Ø  Radiofrequency ablation

Ø  Sclerotherapy

Final Word

If left untreated, leg cramps can limit your mobility and sleep quality. Fortunately, Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine offer personalized treatment for leg cramps through radiofrequency ablation. Call the practice or book an appointment online for immediate help.