Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Navigating Life After Your Lumbar Spinal Infusion Surgery

When you are out from spinal fusion surgery at University Pain Medicine Center, you likely wonder how you will cope with life afterward. The first thing that crosses your mind is what you can do to heal properly. So your doctor has already offered you tips like taking plenty of rest, eating healthy foods, and engaging in specific exercises to make your recovery smooth. However, you are still not convinced if the three tips are enough. Here are some extra tips to help you navigate life after your surgery:

  • Engage in Less Vigorous Activities

Now that you have just had your surgery, engaging in heavy tasks can be dangerous. Your back is still weak. So lifting anything might cause strain to your back. The last thing you want is to go for another corrective surgery due to your negligence. If your doctor asks you not to drive for one month, avoid driving by all means.

  • Take Healthy Diet

When it comes to diet after your surgery, please do not limit yourself to specific diets unless they upset your stomach. But if you are looking to recover sooner, take plenty of fluids under your doctor’s instructions. If you notice that your bowel movement is not as regular as before, do not panic. Avoid forcing yourself to poop, as this can strain your lumbar spine further. It helps if you take a diet rich in fiber to ease your bowel movement.

  • Take Your Medications as Prescribed by Your Doctor

As is expected, your doctor will prescribe medications to relieve you from pain, hasten your recovery process, to prevent you from developing opportunistic infections.  If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, ensure you adhere to their instructions. Do not stop taking them even if you start feeling better a few weeks after taking them. But if you notice adverse side effects after taking specific medications your doctor prescribed, request your doctor change the prescription.

  • Adhere to Incision Care as Per Your Doctor’s Instructions

Assuming you will not have time to go to the hospital daily to get incision care, it would be best to ask your doctor to take you through the steps. Your doctor will give you materials and instruct you on how to use them to close the cut. You can get someone to clean the incision if you are unable to do it by yourself.

  • Be Positive About Life After Lumbar Infusion Surgery

Whether you had spinal infusion surgery due to herniated disks or ruptured disks, there is more to life than worrying about how you will navigate life afterward. Many people have undergone surgery and enjoy their quality of life after following post-surgery tips from their doctors. Your case is not any different.

There Is More to Life After Your Surgery

You have battled the most traumatic situation in your life, which is surgery. Now you have one more thing to do; ensuring you recover from your surgery. Assuming your doctor already knows your capabilities, expecting a smooth recovery process is inevitable. To learn more about coping with life after lumbar spinal fusion surgery, consult a minimally invasive surgeon online.