Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Read This First Before Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

If you think you are eligible for filing a slip and fall lawsuit, you may have a lot of concerns regarding the legal process and the options available to you. First, you need to consult a reputable Cedar Rapids injury lawyer who will take on your case. Before filing a slip and fall lawsuit, here’s what you should know:

Proving Liability

To win a slip and fall lawsuit, you need to have enough proof that the other party caused the accident and that they must be held liable for your accident. Additionally, you need to prove that the defendant acted negligently and this action was the direct cause of your accident.

Resolving a Slip and Fall Case can Take a Long Time

Because of the difficulty of slip and fall cases and all the witnesses that may be involved, it can take a long time to resolve. And even after a long wait, you still cannot be guaranteed a win. But, if you have a solid case and an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, you have a higher chance of getting compensation for the damages caused to you. These damages include medical expenses and lost wages.

Proving You Were Not at Fault

As you try to prove the other party was at fault, you also need to prove you did not contribute to the accident and that you had no fault in it. If you share any part of the blame for the accident, it can impact your ability to get compensation for the accident. For instance, if you were texting on your phone and were distracted when you slipped on ice, the other party may argue that you share the blame for your fall. As a result, you will get less compensation or nothing at all.