Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Sexual Assault Assumptions: What Is The Stand Of A Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer?

According to a Toronto sexual assault lawyer, most victims of sexual assaults know their abusers but do not speak out because of fear of being judged or because the perpetrator is their relative. If you went through sexual abuse, it is not too late to speak out.

When you report your case, some people might doubt you. To defend yourself, hire a qualified sexual assault lawyer to stand in for you. They will help you get justice, whether the accused was a senior in your workplace or a relative.

  • Sexual Assault Can Fall On Anybody

Most people believe that only females suffer sexual abuse. You will be surprised to find that even men are sexually assaulted, but it is not as common as women. Also, most men do not report these cases. Women between the ages of 16 to 19 are the most common victims and are four times more likely to be raped or sexually abused than the other groups.

  • Myths About Sexual Abuse

Because sex is a rarely discussed topic in society, people will create myths and assumptions about it with no solid evidence. Toronto sexual assault lawyer highlights the following as some of the common sexual assault misconceptions:

  • The Abuse Was Due To The Victim’s Dressing

If you are sexually abused, society will blame you for dressing inappropriately and say that your dressing was inviting to the perpetrator. This is wrong because there is no excuse for rape. Sex should be consensual, and a person’s way of dressing is not consent.

  • The Victim Should Have Stayed Home To Prevent The Assault From Happening

The sexual attack has nothing to do with location. Some perpetrators go to victim’s homes and attack them from there. You should not stop going through your day in fear of being sexually assaulted.

  • A Victim Should Not Report A Sexual Assault If They Take Drugs

First, it is illegal to perform sexual acts on an intoxicated person if there is no consent. Also, everyone is valid to report sexual offense cases, regardless of if they take drugs or not.

  • A Sexual Assault Victim Must Be Hysterical

People assume that if the victim is quiet, they might not have been sexually assaulted, which is wrong. People are different, and they respond to situations differently. Also, the effects of sexual assault could affect a person’s mental health.

  • No Credibility To Late Sexual Assault Charges

Whether the assault happened four or many years ago, you are still valid to report the case. The time does not determine your case’s validity. Victims might not report immediately it happens because of trauma or fear of being judged.

  • Men Are Not Sexually Abused

You should not discriminate against a group and think they don’t have a right to defend themselves. Because most sexual abuse victims are women does not mean that men cannot be sexually assaulted and should not report it. According to a Toronto sexual assault lawyer, sexual abuse on men has been on the rise.

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