Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Some tips for having success on Depop

You must know these tips if you want to be one of the best sellers on the app. 

Depop is an e-commerce company born just a few years ago and it has been successful especially for the connection with their public: Gen Z. You can find every kind of clothes on Depop, from any year and for every gender. Even more, you can find jewellery, beauty products such as makeup, skincare, fragrances, among others. Also, you can find some art, books, films and items for your home. Despite the variety of products you are able to buy on the app, the most important thing for resellers is to learn how to sell on Depop, and that’s why here we bring you some tips.

Never stop listing

It is much better to list one product per day than listing all at once. If you do it this way, your followers will always be updated and always be a potential purchaser because people often want the newest. What is more, for those who are not your followers, posting new products every time will get you top in visibility, so more people will see you and is possible than more people gonna buy you.

Great Photos

There are millions of people selling their clothes on Depop, you must highlight in some way. This is when great photos really matter. You need to invest in them, hire a professional photographer who can help you to make the most of the potential of your products. You will probably need to hire a place or a model too, but everything will be worth it when you start to sell by the heaps.

Discounts and promotions

Another way to highlight against your competitors is with lower prices, at least from time to time. If you are aware of what your competitors are doing, or when there is a special date to publish a discount you would be able to recognize the best moments to offer a promotion and you would conquer your clients again.

Offers may be an option

When you list a product with some price you want to sell it that way, obviously. However, when it has passed a few times or maybe a buyer wants more than one product or other specific situation, you must be open to listen to their offers. As you, they want to find the best price for themselves and, depending on the situation, maybe a great price for you too! Be ready for these situations and open for offers.

Don´t wait to answer

Many times, people have some doubts about your clothes, the condition, the use, etc. so they will ask you. You must be quick to answer because as well as they are asking you, they are asking one or two more people for similar products and it becomes a time battle which is won by the one who answers first. So, you really need to be aware of the DMs.