Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

The Current Situation of Cryptocurrency Exchange


Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency mainly made by encryption technology. In cryptocurrency transaction, all data of currency are not recorded in one computer, but distributed in all computing networks. If you want to modify the data information, at least 51% of the computers in the corresponding computing network should be recorded.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency trading is secure and hidden as the capital flow cannot be supervised at all. Due to the benefits, an increasing number of people rush to join in the transaction of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are highly essential to the whole crypto world. These are platforms where you can buy, sell as well as exchange one digital asset for another. The entire crypto community depends on these platforms in order to get their hands on some cryptocurrency.

While the main purpose of these cryptocurrency platforms is to facilitate traders throughout the whole process of investing and trading in cryptocurrency, there are a few shortcomings for the same. Let us now have a closer look at the current situation of the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Shortcomings of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges

All traders who invest in the cryptocurrency world flock to the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. While these cryptocurrency exchanges are capable of handling a huge load on their servers, they do suffer from a few other problems.

1- Availability of Fiat-Crypto pair: As traders, all of us use fiat currency as the method to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In order to get started with cryptocurrencies, we need to exchange our centralized fiat currency for a particular cryptocurrency.

This is a feature that the most popular, high volume cryptocurrency exchanges out there lack. You will be able to find trading pairs between various cryptocurrencies but not one with fiat currency.

Without this feature, users are forced to buy cryptocurrency on a different exchange that supports fiat currency and then transfer it onto a popular cryptocurrency exchange to start trading.

While this does not sound like a big problem, the whole process of having to buy on another exchange as well as the higher fee that you would have to cough up on that exchange is not very convenient for a trader.

2- Availability of cryptocurrencies: The problem with most of the cryptocurrency trading platform that do provide support for cryptocurrencies is that these cryptocurrency exchanges do not support many cryptocurrencies. Hence you are forced to create an account on another cryptocurrency trading platform in order to buy a cryptocurrency of your choice.

The solution to the shortcomings of existing cryptocurrency exchanges

The problems that exist in the current cryptocurrency exchanges are not a complete deal breaker but they aren’t very convenient from a developer’s point of view. However, the solution to these problems also exists.

ZB cryptocurrency trading platform offers the best solution to these problems. Not only does the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform support a multitude of cryptocurrencies but it also allows users to buy cryptocurrency using their fiat currency.

This means that you do not have to go around in search of a platform that supports fiat currency anymore. Only a single account on the ZB cryptocurrency trading platform is enough to support all your needs.

It’s reassuring to the capability of security management of ZB cryptocurrency trading platform. Because there is no major accident occurring during its operation time. With the constant awareness of ZB, the daily average trading volume of ZB cryptocurrency trading platform has been comparable with other well-known trading platforms.


Having a single cryptocurrency exchange that is capable of satisfying all your needs is really great. Without having to manage assets on different cryptocurrency trading platforms, you will be able to better manage your entire portfolio.