Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

The Most Common Summer Pests You Need To Know About

As summer approaches, we all envision bright days, warmer temperatures, and more time spent outside. However, the warmer months are more appealing to many species of pests, and you’ll probably see more of them around throughout the summer. Many of these pests might seriously be some sort of nuisance for your summer fun. You don’t want to have pests ruin one of the most beautiful once-in-a-while experiences. check out here to get in touch with experts on pest control who are readily available to help you get the most out of your summer months by eradicating pests around you.

Common Summer Pests You Should Know

1. Ant

Ants, as little as they are, we have hundreds of distinct ant species, with various species endemic to different parts of the nation. A lot of them do not bite, nevertheless, you must still get rid of them as soon as possible. The reason is not far-fetched: these little creatures may attempt to establish a camp in your home, thereby causing structural damage, contaminating water and food, or pursuing and gathering in their numbers around any crumbs or pet food bowls on the floor.

2. Mosquitoes

The mosquito, one of the most frequent and unpleasant summer pests, prefers higher summer temperatures and congregates around water places like kiddie pools and puddles. Mosquito bites may be annoying on their own, but they can also spread hazardous infections, so keeping them under control is something you want to do.

3. Insects that sting

Stinging insects such as hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets become busier in the late summer, looking for enough food to feed the hive and stockpile for the upcoming colder season. Because of the increased activity, you are more likely to encounter several of these annoying bugs. Because of the risk of severe or dangerous stings, it is always preferable to leave stinging insects to specialists and pest control companies.

4. Flies

In addition to being bothersome, several kinds of flies such as houseflies, and fruit flies may carry disease and make whatever they land on filthy. Pest control company will undoubtedly provide a thorough examination, and home check-through, and prevent flies from invading your property.

5. Ticks

The most annoying characteristics of these blood-sucking bugs are their ability to cling to a host (which could be your lovely pet, a wild animal, or ant body) and mostly stay as long as they can undetected. They would often burrow into the skin, where they can transport and spread diseases like Lyme disease. Tick prevention is critical for summer safety, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.


While these frequent summer pests employ a variety of techniques to gain access to your land or house, there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay like filling any gaps or holes, closing all doors and windows, not in use, maintaining your lawn, performing tick checks, looking out for hives, examining wood structures, and keeping the home tidy.