Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Things to consider about open shelves in your kitchen

The concept of ‘open,’ came into being in recent times. Also, it has achieved a lot of popularity in recent times. Open shelves have become an extremely important part of kitchen renovation. The open shelves is surely one of the most popular choices when it comes to ‘open kitchen’ concept. 

The kitchen renovation companies have worked with several homes over the time to build great living rooms, and open spaces that can be seen in different areas of the house. Although the open concept has been there for some time, you may not want to consider it because of divided space and privacy. Well, you will need to consider the space and privacy properly. 

But, one cannot deny the benefits of having open shelves over the closed cabinets. Some of the prominent reasons why you may choose the open shelves include the following

Cheap to install

Open shelves of your kitchen can be extremely easy and affordable to install. Just a few basic DIY videos on YouTube will make you capable of installing open shelves around your kitchen. What’s great about these open shelves is that they are very fast to install. If you’ve seen all the videos thoroughly, you won’t need to join hands with multiple people for completing the task. But, open spaces can be one great way to bring all the cabinets in the same area. 

Stay updated with trend

If you want to stay updated with the trend, open shelves will require you to constantly change dinnerware and other areas. Well, always remember that these spaces cannot be mismatched and have to stay updated. Also, the size of glasses can match the trends as well. Staying updated with the trend will help you make everything around your kitchen look nice and updated. 

No place to hide

Installing open shelves would mean that there’s no privacy. The open concept kitchen can be one great way to display your kitchenware, but it is stored and saved behind the cabinet doors. With the open kitchen concept, everyone will see what’s stored where. Hence, it is necessary that you are careful and if you don’t want anyone to see your belongings, give up on the idea of open kitchen shelves. 

Prone to dust

Experts at Granite au Sommet suggest that open kitchens can be prone to a lot of dust collection. Since the dust keeps floating around, there’s absolutely no way to protect your belongings from dust collection.

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