Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Tips to Enhance Performance in Final Exams

It is natural to feel stress and fear among students and parents during exams. Among all the subjects, Mathematics is the most important as it is a scoring subject. It also plays a major role in achieving a career in fields such as business administration, engineering, statistics, chartered accountancy and economics. Mathematics will be a common subject among students irrespective of their interest as it also helps in day to day life. In order to improve skills in the subject, it is utmost important for students to understand the basic concepts from the lower classes itself. 

Students who find obstacles in solving textbook problems are advised to use ML Aggarwal Solutions which is available in PDF format. Continuous practice is necessary among students  to come out with flying colours in the final examination. ML Aggarwal Solutions provide many chapters and few techniques which can be followed by the students to finish them within a short time. Since there is a wide range of reference books, students feel confused in selecting the best study material which covers all the concepts from the exam perspective. In order to overcome this issue,  NCERT books are the best for the students, as it helps in boosting confidence as well as exam preparation. 

Those who want to obtain expertise in Mathematics are suggested to follow NCERT Solutions designed by subject experts after conducting vast research on each concept. Students can cross check their answers with the help of  these solutions while practising textbook problems to analyse their areas of  weakness. The solutions are prepared in a descriptive manner so that students understand the complex problems with ease. Regular practice of these solutions created by experienced teachers improves problem solving and time management skills which is significant from the exam point of view.  

Here are a few tricks to keep you relax during exam preparation

  1.  Keep your mind calm

It is utmost important to keep our mind calm and composed while exam preparation. Students who panic may end up answering wrong answers to the questions even after well preparation. Hence in order to perform well, students need to be calm and fearless during exam time. 

  1. Give equal preference to all the subjects

Studying only one subject for the entire day may lead to lack of interest in other subjects. For this issue,  students are asked to prepare a time table for each subject in accordance with exam pattern  while studying, for better academic performance. This helps you to feel relaxed and confident about all the subjects.

  1.  Plan accordingly

While preparing for the exams, students need to understand the concepts in  each subject in depth and know their marks weightage as per the current syllabus. This will help them with an idea of concepts of high importance and work on them to ace the exam. The time table prepared by students should include time for extracurricular activities which help them to be relaxed during exam time.

  1. Finish revision on time

Most of the students start revising the subject a few days before the exams. This creates tension among students and due to this,  difficult topics might be forgotten. Therefore, students should  finish  the revision at least a month before the exam and work on the concepts which are significant from the exam perspective.