Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Top 6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Birth Control

Family planning is one way to ensure you become pregnant when you think it is the appropriate time for you. However, several birth control options exist out there, and finding the right option for you might not be easy. However, birth control in Hampton Roads can be simplified if you consider several factors that will affect your choice of the family planning right for you. Remember that you have unique needs and what works for others may not work for you. Therefore, be sure to consult your doctor and work with them to find out the best option for you. The following tips can help.

The Ease of Use and Convenience

It would be good to ask yourself how easy-to-use the birth control method you consider is for you. Some plans are relatively more straightforward, and you can understand them with more ease than others. Take the patch, for example; it only needs to be replaced once a week and can be more convenient than a diaphragm which should be inserted every time before sex. Take your time and honestly evaluate how any birth control you choose will affect your lifestyle.

Comfortability of the Method

Ask yourself how comfortable you will be when using a specific birth control method. You might find out that you are not at ease with particular options or cannot use them consistently, meaning they are best for you. Will the method cause discomfort or irritation to your partner? How comfortable are you touching your body? These are some outstanding questions you should ask yourself as some birth control methods such as using a condom, NuvaRing, or diaphragm require you to put them on yourself, and you should be comfortable with that.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention

Sex is all about choices, and it is not just pregnancy prevention that matters. Unless you are sure that your partner has no sexually transmitted disease, it is critical to take precautions. Therefore, you might want to consider if the birth control option you are also considering can prevent sexually transmitted infections as well. This will help you avoid the troubles of other alternatives to avoid an infection.

Your Future Plans

You might only want to avoid getting pregnant for a certain period while you wish to conceive in the future. This is an excellent consideration to make as there are temporary and permanent birth control options. If you are unsure what you want in the future, it is better to go for a quick method but think about how fast you can conceive after stopping using the technique.

Birth Control Method Effectiveness

Different family planning methods are ineffective in preventing pregnancy. Therefore, it would be good to ask yourself how you can be affected by an unplanned pregnancy to understand how effective your birth control method should be. A highly effective option minimizes the chances of unwanted pregnancy and vice versa.

Religious and Moral Values

Today, some birth control methods are religiously, spiritually, or morally opposed. Therefore, it is critical to consider your religious and moral values and evaluate how they affect different family planning methods. Ensure that the method you choose motivates you and your partner without affecting your beliefs.

The birth control specialists at Women First GYN can help you figure out the most suitable family planning option for you. Book your appointment today and be equipped with relevant questions to ask your doctor to understand different options better.