Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Top Facts About New York Construction Injury Attorneys



The Powers and Santola LLP has a law office that can help workers to get legal advice if they have suffered from any type of work related injury, occupational injury, on the job injury or any other injury caused by the negligence of someone at a jobsite. 

Offering Services from Our Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

Daniel Santola is an Attorney who has been handling many construction related accident cases since 1975 and has now been recognized as one of the top lawyers in America. As he is a very experienced lawyer, he is often invited by many law schools, judges, and bar associations to convey lectures on construction law topics. He has also a book on construction accident law cases in New York. 

Call Our New York Construction Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation

If a worker has faced serious injuries at the construction site, it is advised to contact the Power and Santola, LLP. They have hired workplace accident lawyers who provide free initial consultation to the entire customer in order to make it easier for the customers. They are ready to handle all the cases related to workplace injury, fatal workplace accident cases, occupational illness, and all the injuries caused by the negligence of other workers. 

Worksite Injury Accident Claims

The law firm in New York has been able to handle many work related injuries and fatal accidents at the construction sites including; 

  • Fall from heights; if a worker falls off a ladder, scaffolding, roofs, elevator shafts etc. 
  • A falling object may hit the worker
  • Electrocutions from electricity 
  • Burn injuries
  • Vehicles present at the construction site may hit the worker
  • Welding accidents
  • Explosions
  • Equipments accidents

Workers compensations; 

There are worker’s compensations available for workers who get injured at the construction site. A law firm company that works for construction related accidents can help the worker with the claims. A compensation that is given to the workers is a no fault system. Workers by New York law are entitled to claim compensation if they face any injury at the construction site regardless they are at the fault of the employer. 

Laws and regulations; 

A scaffolding law of the New York labor law is present to protect the workers at the construction site working for construction, demolition, or for cleaning and maintenance of the structure. 

Benefits from compensations; 

The main benefits that the worker gets from the compensation are medical expenses, the death benefits, and the wage reimbursements. 

Wage reimbursements: if a worker is injured at the site and is considered totally disabled then he is provided with a low wage rate that is the two-third of the average weekly wages. 

Expenses: this compensation covers all the medical expenses related to the injury, only if the worker is being treated by the doctor who is pre-approved for such cases. 

Death benefits: this is the compensation that provides benefits to the worker’s family, specifically spouse, minor children and in very rare cases to the other family members as well.