Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

What Are Pests?


Pests are the set of insects and other beings that can cause damage to plants, but only when there is a significant compromise of the planted area can they be considered pests. Depending on the species and the size of the pest, the proportion of the damage may vary. In any case, it is necessary to find safe ways to eliminate this evil.

Various insects can cause damage to plants; however, only when a large part of the planted area is affected are they considered pests. As it is a tropical country, the climate of some countries favors the appearance of some species of agricultural pests that can generate significant losses to the producer.

Among the main agricultural pests present in some countries are the whitefly, aphids, caterpillars, and leafhoppers.

Economic Damage Level And Pest Control Level

For the monitoring and follow-up of the population level of the pest to be carried out correctly through guardian pest control, it is necessary to know the level of economic damage and the level of control. The level of economic damage refers to the population density of the pest that generates damage to the crop equal to or greater than the cost necessary to control it.

On the other hand, the level of control indicates the correct time for the adoption of control measures for the target before it causes economic losses to the crop. Knowing the level of pest control, that is, the level below that which the pest causes economic damage, will determine the best management measure and when it should be applied.

Integrated Pest Management – IPM

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a way to manage pests using agricultural ecological principles and minimal damage to the environment and human health. IPM integrates all available pest control methods, aiming to keep the population level of the pest below the level of damage in an economically, environmentally, and ecologically viable way.

In this way, the measures used in Integrated Pest Management reduce the use of chemicals due to the constant monitoring of crops. However, MIP is not a single method of pest control, and producers must always be aware of the potential for pest infestation to provide appropriate measures at the right time.


Agricultural pests according to cause significant losses in crop productivity, generating economic losses for rural producers. Therefore, it is necessary to know the pest control methods to efficiently combat them and minimize damage to crops, losses in productivity, and financial losses.

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