Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

What Chances You Can Take for the Proper Tax Refund

First you need to go to the Revenue Agency website and log in with your personal credentials in the reserved area of ​​the portal, by clicking on the link “Your pre-filled declaration”.

By doing this, a welcome screen appears with a diagram indicating the steps of the procedure for filing the tax return online

  • The first step is to view the data: it is used to check that the data pre-loaded by the system are complete and no errors are reported. By clicking on the orange icon, you enter an area where your personal summary data and your tax situation are made available.

In the menu that appears, the certifications produced by the employers are made available, which summarize the remuneration paid in the previous calendar year. Income from any land and buildings, income from employment and similar and also charges and expenses, including health care expenses, are also indicated. The last item concerns advances and withholdings, for example it contains credits that they boast.

Choose the model

After having read the personal data and having verified its correctness, you must go back to the diagram and click on the second icon, the one relating to the choice of the model.


You are not alone in choosing: the automatic system guides you through the process and recommends the model to use. In the case of our card for example, the system recommends using the precompiled 730 template.

Once the interest model has been selected, by clicking on the blue “calculate” icon in the “Outcome of the calculation of the pre-filled 730” box, you will be able to know the amount of your debt or credit. In the box next to it is possible to view the pre-filled 730 in PDF or text version, while through the Edit box it is possible to make changes to the model if something is not correct. The “Accept” box allows the acceptance of the form filled in by the Revenue Agency.

Fill in and submit

At this point, after calculating the amounts and suggesting any changes in the event of errors found in the pre-filled model, returning to the main menu you can send the model by clicking on the appropriate orange icon. You can make use of the tax refund estimator  there.

Statement sent

The last step of the electronic procedure allows you to consult the statements sent and make the F24 payments to prepare the payments due, which can also be done through your home banking.