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What Is Pest Control?

At some point in our lives, we have heard or will hear about pest control. The neighbor who had a kitchen infested with ants, the restaurant on the corner, and her army of cockroaches, the insects that destroyed last year’s harvest. All of these problems are solved thanks to pest control solutions near me, which takes care of dealing with organisms that harm and affect health or the ecosystem, among others.

What Is A Plague?                                                                                        

The dictionary defines the plague as a “colony of animal or plant organisms that attack and destroy crops and plants.” A second definition states that it is “damage or misfortune that affects a large part of a population and causes serious damage.” Pest control takes care of all these unwanted organisms that interfere with human activity, destroy crops, damage properties, and complicate our daily lives.

Some of the most common pests are insects. Termites and woodworm, cockroaches, ants, fleas, the pine processionary, or mosquitoes stand out among them. Anyway, any insect that grows out of control and causes damage can be considered a pest. Other animals considered pests are rats.

How Do You Work In Pest Control?

For pest control to be effective, it requires complete knowledge about the pest to be eradicated and its habits. The first step is to identify the organism and diagnose its origin, its refuge, and the most effective methods to kill it as suggested by Pest Control Companies in Springfield MO.

Once we know the problem we are facing, we must evaluate the various strategies to control and eradicate the pest. Finally, it should be noted that the applied methods must be monitored and controlled. There are three essential pest control procedures under the acronym DDD.


Disinfection is the chemical or physical process by which a surface or place is cleaned. It involves the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. It is indispensable in places frequented by humans and animals, such as schools, hospitals, farms, food industries, or transport vehicles.


Disinsection refers to the control and elimination of all types of insects. The most common pests mentioned above are some of them.


The deratization or derodentization aims to eliminate any rodent. This technique can be used in two ways. The passive rodent control, consisting of various procedures that prevent rodents from invading local homes and spread; and the active deratization, in charge of combating, through offensive, chemical, and biological methods, the rats and mice populations.


Fumigation is one of the most effective methods of eliminating insect, bird, or microbial invasions; and is based on the use of fumigants. Fumigants are chemical agents that, at standard temperature and pressure, are found in a gaseous form. They are used mainly in the food industry, environmental treatments, wood treatments, and mole control in meadows and gardens.