Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Why dental implants offer a versatile solution to teeth loss

Are you prone to tooth loss and worry about the right solution to mitigate the issue? Why don’t you opt for dental implants, as they could be a solution to your lost teeth? They are versatile, look like natural teeth, and last a lifetime when cared for properly. You should look for experts in dental implants in Sunnyvale who provide professional teeth replacement. Here are dental implant benefits.

Dental Implants Are Versatile

Dental implants can fix the whole arch, unlike bridges and dentures, which are limited to how many teeth they can replace. Therefore teeth loss treatment with dental implants is unlimited, making it a versatile option for dental replacements. You can fit the implants with a crown to replace a single tooth. Moreover, dental implants are extremely customized, and you can work with your dentists to design the perfect arch after tooth loss.

Dental Implants Are Comfortable

Your dentist will insert the dental implants directly on the jawbone with a minimal incision. The implant will stimulate the teeth’ roots, which increases the implants’ strength and support. The added stability will make the implant appear like natural teeth. Other teeth replacement options will not stimulate the feeling of natural teeth as they are not embedded in the jawbone. Moreover, you will not deal with the messy denture adhesives; thus, it would be better to go for the more convenient implants when you lose your teeth.

They Improve Your Speech

Losing your teeth can impact speech as the teeth help with certain sounds, so losing the front teeth can impact how you speak. Fortunately, you can correct the difference in speech with dental implants. Since the implants are firm on the jawline, they will not slip as you speak. Dentures can be distracting, making your speech slur affecting your social life.

You Can Eat Your Favorite Food

Eating food might be challenging, especially if you lose molar teeth. Lost teeth might impact your diet, but you can enjoy the food you like by filling the gaps with implants. Since the implants are deeply rooted in the jaw, you can bite into food without any problem. You can enjoy your favorite chewy and crunchy and hardy food like corn. 

They Look Natural

Implants can appear like your natural teeth, as they would be molded to look like the other teeth in the mouth. The dental prosthetics will be customized for each patient, and you can choose a color that matches your teeth or opt for teeth whitening.

Dental Implants Increase Confidence

Lost teeth can impact your smile, which leads to self-esteem issues. Fortunately, implants can improve your smile, elevating your self-esteem. It is a permanent solution which improves your social life.

Final Thoughts

You can lose the ability to chew into food, experience slur speech, and lose your confidence when you lose teeth.  Fortunately, you can fix lost teeth with dental implants, which provide a permanent solution to lost teeth. Moreover, the implants correct bone loss on the jawline and prevent further damage to the remaining teeth. You can opt for the implants today as it corrects dental issues and looks like the natural teeth.

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