Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Check these basic measures to prevent backdoor attacks

Cybersecurity concerns are looming large over businesses across the globe. The 2020 pandemic has caused further disruptions, and for hackers and cybercriminals, this is just the scope they need to cause security breaches or steal data. For the unversed, backdoor attack, also called backdoor exploit, is basically about gaining unauthorized access to devices, networks and systems, by creating a backdoor, without the knowledge of the user. The good news is backdoor attacks can be prevented, and here are some of the basic measures to consider. 

  1. Change all default details. More often than not, backdoor attacks are related to weak or default passwords. Ensure that all default details are changed immediately after deployment, and employees should be encouraged to use strong passwords. Also, using a password manager, which is a low-risk tool, should also help. 
  2. Monitor network activity. Network activities must be checked from time to time. Regular testing and penetrative scans can help in locating backdoors that are otherwise not known to the security team. Ensure that you monitor network activity on a regular basis, with a scheduled plan, so that spikes in data usage can be detected. 
  3. Check on malware threats. There are different kinds of malware that are used for attacking on businesses. From the simple ones like worms and viruses, to trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware, every threat must be evaluated, and adequate steps should be taken to prevent the same. 
  4. Use antimalware programs. One of the better steps in cybersecurity and to prevent backdoor attacks is to use antimalware and antispyware software programs. These can alert on any possible file or program that can be risky, besides offering alerts for suspicious activities. 
  5. Get the teams together. If you are really keen on mitigating risks related to cybersecurity and backdoors, make sure that you have the entire organization together for the purpose. For instance, bring down the departmental silos and make access rights as clear as possible. Also, if you are not using an access management tool, as yet, consider investing in one. 

Final word

Your business needs to be a step ahead of cybercriminals. Don’t shy away from seeking help with regards to cybersecurity, when needed, and get experts to train your people. Aware and well-trained employees will keep a watch on attachments and emails, and they can be instrumental in preventing malware attacks. To find more on cybersecurity, check online now for recent reports on backdoor attacks. Learn more about it at cyber security course in Bangalore

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