Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

How to find a mind for business

Life is full of disruptions. Any given day can be packed to the brim with stressors and things often beyond our control. Effectively navigating these and forging a path through these inconveniences and challenges is essential to properly managing your life, and your business.

To be empowered is to develop the right mix of savvy, education, introspection and ownership of a variety of situations. Nothing is or ever will be perfect, but striving to make it the best possible for yourself, your family, and your company is key to life and job satisfaction.

Sometimes it boils down to mindset: to be a victim or a victor can be determined by thinking patterns. A willingness to see our own shortcomings and owning our actions is – at the end of the day– the defining characteristic between success and failure.

As an article in Entrepreneur magazine explains, your internal belief system about business is the biggest predictor of success.

“In order to train yourself toward success, undergo the emotional analysis necessary to build a sound business mind that’s resilient to stress, change and uncertainty,” according to the article.

EQ or emotional intelligence is increasingly popping up in conversations about effective business management. The reason is that those who are level-headed are the ones you can look to when things go amiss. The calm person in the storm is the leader who can guide people and companies out of chaos and into safety.

“That is one of the big truths about conducting business at any level: things happen. Remaining calm and able to make decisions is essential to navigating situations that are sure to arise,” said Canadian business executive George Scorsis, who has continually led businesses in regulated industries.

One of the primary psychological characteristics for business leaders to possess is emotional awareness or introspection plus observation.

The ability to examine thoughts and emotions, to take a step back and look at your own life with a keen existential view will allow for a person to function at an optimal level.

“This type of self-analysis eliminates the interference of the more immature emotions which make you fall victim to being reactive, fearful, impulsive or indecisive in business,” according to the article. “The result of self-awareness is the brave and admirable quality of being able to think independently, which empowers you to rely exclusively on the observation of your own mental state to succeed.”

Also emphasized in the article: advancement stems from focus plus commitment.

“Focus is measured by the ability to shut out distractions and place emphasis on what needs to be done in your business to progress forward,” the Entrepreneur article notes.

Commitment means putting meaningful action behind your chosen goals “without wavering in your intention.”

Laser-like focus in performing tasks deliberately, consciously and intentionally means there is nothing unclear or lazy about a successful person’s intention and action.

“It is easy to spot the people who have really found purpose in their work and are determined to find success,” said George Scorsis. “This is particularly true when involved with highly regulated industries, where the challenges are often more complex.”

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