Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Specialized skin care products for effective skin treatment at The Skin Care Clinic

There is no substitute for scientifically proven products when it comes to skin care regimens. Similarly, skin care products containing natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals are also recommended to avoid harmful side effects. The Skin Care Clinic has an extensive collection of medical-grade skincare products replete with botanical ingredients which have been scientifically approved to treat a plethora of skin problems.

Some of the best-selling brands of skin care products offered by The Skin Care Clinic have been discussed here.

Osmosis MDrange

Osmosis MD range of skin care products is manufactured using organic or botanical ingredients. These products are designed to hydrate the skin cells, provide antioxidants to the skin, boost the skin cells’ natural healing abilities, and protect the skin from UV rays and environmental pollutants. Osmosis MD products are free of preservatives, fillers, and fragrances.

For example, Osmosis MD Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum. The primary ingredient in this serum is trioxolane. Trioxolane reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins, and protects the skin cells against free radicals. It also reduces age spots and improves the skin texture by stimulating epidermal repair. Other ingredients include Morin, Arctalis, and Five-Flavour Berry. Morin, extracted from guava plants, reduces UV damage and age spots. Arctalis, a marine extract, helps skin cells retain moisture and protects against damage by blue light. Five-Flavour Berry enhances collagen synthesis, which makes the skin firm and youthful. Altogether, glowing, even-toned, and healthy skin is achieved by using this serum. For expert advice and prices on Osmosis MD Rescue, contact The Skin Care Clinic now.

Aspect range

Aspect range of skin care products is suitable for all skin types and ages. Aspect products have been developed for anti-aging treatment, acne treatment, reducing pigmentation, hydrating skin, exfoliating dead skin cells, and many more. Each Aspect product has been formulated using natural ingredients and does not contain parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

For example, Aspect Clear Skin Kit. This kit contains multiple products to achieve healthy and glowing skin. The products included in this kit are as follows.

  • Aspect Cleanse contains L-lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Lemon tree oil, and glycerine. L-lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin. Salicylic acid deep cleans the skin to remove dirt, oil, and debris. Lemon tree oil provides antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals. Glycerine locks moisture in the skin.
  • Aspect Clear Skin Exfoliating Prep contains Vitamin B3 and wheat-derived alcohol. Vitamin B3 nourishes the skin and preserves moisture. Wheat-derived alcohol helps other skin care products penetrate the skin.
  • Aspect Clear Skin Lotion contains effective ingredients. A blend of Amazonian plant extracts eliminates skin redness and provides relief to inflamed skin. Canadian Willowherband Lemon tree oil provides antioxidants to the skin. Sodium PCA hydrates the skin by binding moisture.
  • Aspect Stop Spot eliminates acne, blemishes, and other problematic spots.

Societe range

Societe range of skin care products uses botanical ingredients and specially formulated antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These products correct a host of skin problems while being gentle on the skin.

For example, Societe Clarifying Prep Solution. This product contains Salicylic acid and witch hazel, which remove impurities from deep within the skin and remove the dead skin cells. Nineteen antioxidants, Vitamin C, and aloe leaf juice are other ingredients of this product. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals. Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis. Aloe leaf juice provides moisture.